• Proxmox VE 8 Root Pool Settings
    There are two things I wanted to change with the root ZFS pool that the Proxmox VE 8 installer creates: The pool can be renamed after installation but it is slightly complicated. I do not know of a way to change the identity of the disks used in the VDEV after the pool is created. […]
  • Disable the Power Off Button
    If you have a computer that needs to run 24/7, you probably don’t want the power button to be accidentally pushed and the system to shut down. Here’s how to disable the power off button in Linux (Proxmox 7.4/Debian 11.6). Edit the /etc/systemd/logind.conf file and set HandlePowerKey to ignore. The power button can still be […]
  • Proxmox Wipe Disk
    The Promox VE user interface has a button called Wipe Disk that is roughly equivalent to this command: Source Code
  • PCIe NVMe Card Comparison
    My 2023 workstation build requires many NVMe drives for redundancy and performance. The need for a high number of PCIe lanes is what drove me to the Threadripper Pro platform. I have two conflicting goals in this build: Pros Cons Pros Cons Pros Cons Pros Cons When my card is populated with more than 2 […]
  • Linux Installer Won’t Start
    On the Asus Pro WS WRX80E-SE SAGE WIFI motherboard with an AMD Threadripper Pro 5955WX CPU, there is a problem with Debian-based distributions where the installer does not boot from the GRUB boot menu. These Linux distributions fail to boot the installation environment. Many thanks to Ventoy for making it easy to try multiple ISO […]