• Composer Archive Project
    Pondermatic is pleased to announce the public release of our new Composer plugin called “Composer Archive Project“. It makes it easy to create an archive file as part of your development project’s release process. What problem does this solve? The Composer archive command creates an archive file of your package with the following hierarchy: However, […]
  • Many WordPress Development Sites with One Install
    Goals Many web hosts. One host for each customer development site. Multiple databases. One for each site. Multiple upload directories. One for each site. Only one WordPress installation. Only one plugins and theme directory. One PHP installation. Different PHP versions can be used for each web site. Create a virtual web host for each site. […]
  • PHP Parameter Type Declarations
    Parameter type declarations and return type declarations were added to PHP in 7.0 For scalar types (bool, int, float, string), what happens when a different type of value is passed into a function depends on if strict mode is enabled in the file that calls the function. The default is to coerce some scalar values […]