Ponder Events for WooCommerce

This WooCommerce add-on allows you to change easily sell tickets to conferences, conventions, and events.

Free features:

  • Customize stock messages.
    • available on backorder
    • can be back ordered
    • out of stock
    • in stock without quantity
    • in stock with quantity
    • low stock with quantity
    • works with simple and variable products
  • Prevent “SKU: N/A” from being displayed for products without a Stock Keeping Unit.
  • Set a closing date on the product page, e.g. “Registration closes November 30, 2022.”

Upgrade to Ponder Events Pro for WooCommerce and gain the following features:

  • Stock Messages:
    • in stock with quantity = 1, e.g. “3 seats remain” instead of “3 in stock”
    • low stock with quantity = 1, e.g. “Only 1 seat remains!” instead of “Only 1 left in stock”
    • Sets – Create more than one set of stock messages. Use one set of stock messages for one kind of product, for example, events that you sell seats to, and another set of stock messages for shippable products.
      • name each set
      • display a list of all sets
      • delete sets bulk action
  • Collect attendee names

Coming soon features:

  • Set an opening date on the product page, e.g. "Registration opens November 1, 2022."
  • Customize the closing and opening text, e.g. "Must sign up by November 30, 2022".
  • Customize the date format with a short code, e.g. "Seats available until next [event_closes format="l, F jS"]." displays as "Seats available until next Wednesday, November 20th.".
  • Track the number of attendees for each day of a multi-day event.