Linux Installer Won’t Start

On the Asus Pro WS WRX80E-SE SAGE WIFI motherboard with an AMD Threadripper Pro 5955WX CPU, there is a problem with Debian-based distributions where the installer does not boot from the GRUB boot menu.

These Linux distributions fail to boot the installation environment.

  • debian-11.6.0-amd64-netinst.iso
  • proxmox-ve_7.3-1.iso
  • ubuntu-22.04.1-live-server-amd64.iso

Many thanks to Ventoy for making it easy to try multiple ISO files.

These Linux distributions are able to boot the installer and the installed OS boots correctly.

  • CentOS-7-x86_64-Minimal-2009.iso
  • Fedora-Server-dvd-x86_64-37-1.7.iso

When SR-IOV support is enabled, the issue with booting Debian-based installers goes away.

Default BIOS settings.
Enable SR-IOV.

Another option is to edit the GRUB configuration (press “E” at the GRUB menu) and add “pci=nommconf” to the end of the Linux command line parameters. There may be unintended side effects.

To help debug GRUB, add the following lines to the GRUB configuration:


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